Contractors Encourage Arizona Legislature to Collaborate with Trump on Infrastructure Plan

The country has anticipated the actions of the Trump administration, and, today, all eyes were on Washington as the Trump administration released its infrastructure plan. Arizona’s oldest nonprofit association of contractors and suppliers, The Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, praises Trump’s leadership on this issue.

The president of the association, David Martin, and associated members “encourage Republicans and Democrats to work together to solve the funding crisis our country faces in its crumbling infrastructure.”

The state of Arizona must meet the match component of the plan, which, with Arizona’s $60 billion deficit in funding, will be difficult. To combat this dilemma, the Arizona Legislature must pass two bills.

The first bill, Senate Bill 1147 County Excise Tax for Transportation, will allow counties, excluding Maricopa, to add a ½ cent tax to fund transportation projects. The bill will authorize Maricopa County to extend its Proposition 400 tax.

The second bill, House Bill 2165 Vehicle Fees; Alternative Fuel VLT, gives the director of the Arizona Department of Transportation the ability to enact a Highway Safety fee. This fee will pay expenses of the Arizona Highway Patrol, and it will allow the money previously used for the Arizona Highway Patrol to be given to cities and counties. Martin concludes that these bills will not be the ultimate solution to the deficit, but it will enable the state to receive the federal match.