Companies To Hire Thousands Of Temporary Employees

According to a new survey, a large amount of companies in the United States are hiring more seasonal employees than last holiday season. It’s not only happening in retail stores, but many are being hired in distribution centers as well. 

However, the section of businesses adding the most employees are the centers that fulfill internet orders. United Parcel Service announced on Thursday that it has plans to hire more than 3,500 workers in the Phoenix area. The jobs are a mix of seasonal and permanent positions.

“Some of them will be package handlers, some of them will be delivery drivers in the brown package cars, others will drive the tractor trailers we have,” says Stefond Harris, a source who works in human resources at the company. “And the biggest group will be the delivery helpers.”

Wages for these temporary employees begin at $14 an hour and some positions may earn $30 an hour.

Craig Rowley from Korn Ferry says, “Clearly, this year’s holiday retail season will have an omni-channel focus, where both in-store and online buyers will be critical to sales success.”

JCPenney also announced it is looking to hire 550 seasonal workers for customer service and support positions.