City Streets to Be Repaved

It’s likely that Phoenix residents have seen road construction in their neighborhoods. Many of Phoenix’s roads are under repair and being repaved.

The repaving is a part of the recently approved “Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program” that was granted by the Phoenix City Council. The program is a part of T2050, and its goal is to pave three times as many streets as would normally be paved each year.

Phoenix’s $90 million per year budget is expiring in 2023. This means that 1,650 city street miles are going to be repaired.

“We went to over 75 public meetings to talk to the community,” said Ashley Patton, who is with the City of Phoenix. “It’s their roads. It’s their streets to figure out where they think that we need to be repaving.”

The city uses their “Pavement Assessment Van” to find the roads that need to be repaired.

“The van has cameras that looks at the pavement and tells us the condition of the road,” said an engineer with the City of Phoenix, Rubben Lolly. “That helps us to know what pavement needs help.”

Click here for more information on the city wide project visit.



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