Chipotle Drive-Thru’s Are Coming To Arizona

Guac on the Go… Arizona is the proud new owner of a ‘Chipotlane’ and there are many more making their way to the Grand Canyon State in the future.

Chipotle debuted its first drive-thru lane in the state in Yuma, Arizona at 3080 S. 4th Avenue. This restaurant sits along the Arizona-California border; about three hours away from Phoenix. No other locations have one in the state, but there are plans in place.

Now, Chipotlanes are not like the typical drive-thru. You can’t just order your burrito at the window. Chipotlanes are used for online and mobile order pickup. The design of these quick lane drive-thru’s are to help customers avoid having to get out of their car and walk all the way into the restaurant just to simply grab their bag off the shelf and walk right back out. It will simply be another way for customers to pick up their online orders.

Once you place an order online or in app, you choose a pickup time, like usual, and drive through the Chipotlane once that time rolls around to grab your order. UberEats, DoorDash, and other food delivery app services will also be able to use the pickup lane.

A spokesperson said there are confirmed plans to open Chipotle’s drive-thru lanes at restaurants in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson before the end of the year, though specific locations were not announced. It is also unknown how any of these restaurants will get these Chipotlanes.

According to media reports, Chipotle officials have been talking about the addition of drive-thru’s since February.

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