Child Climbs Locked Pool Ladder; Raises Awareness of Pool Safety

In Arizona we too often hearing of children drownings and the importance of watching your children around water. A recent video that has gone viral now has parents questioning their safety efforts.

A Massachusetts family recently posted a video of their toddler climbing the ladder to their pool which was equipped with a cover designed to prevent children from gaining access to the pool.

The child, Cody, reportedly paid no mind to the safety cover on the ladder, and climbed it all the way to the top of the above ground pool, at which point his mother pulled him down before he fell in.

His father, Keith Wyman, caught the event on video and shared it to warn other parents. Wyman shared the post on Facebook with the caption, “I stress you to watch your kids around pools. I will be buying a new type of ladder! Kid has some serious upper body strength.”

The Wymans reported that they were offered a replacement ladder and cover by the establishment which sold them the first one, but all of them had a similar design.

This viral video goes to show that pools can be a dangerous place for young children to play around, even with safety equipment in place, so parents should remain vigilant.

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