Changing Hands YAllapalooza

Love to read teenage novels? What about free pizza? Why not have both? If you’re a fan of the Young Adult genre, and want to meet some of your favorite authors, be sure to stop by YAllapalooza, taking place this Saturday, January 28, at the Changing Hands Bookstore.

Located at 300 W Camelback Rd., Changing Hands is hosting a special event this weekend, catered towards those who love tween books, and want to mingle with their favorite authors. This book-lover’s party will host some esteemed authors, including:

Amy Fellner Dominy, author of Die For You, a gripping story with many serious, mature themes intertwined.

Abigail Johnson, creator of the novel If I Fix You, a touching tale about a girl named Jill whose life is a giant, complicated puzzle.

Len Vlahos, writer of Life in a Fishbowl, an extremely interesting book about a young girl named Jackie, whose entire life is being broadcast 24/7 as a reality TV show.

There will be many other authors attending the event, and they’ll have their pens ready. Be sure to come get your chance at receiving special signed editions of your favorite books, munch on some pizza with your favorite author, and much more going on. Tell your family and friends, and make sure you bring an empty stomach and a lot of questions!

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