Central Intelligence Sends Anti-Bullying Message

When I first saw the previews for this movie, I was drawn to it because of the actors. I noticed a few funny actors that I particularly enjoy watching in other movies, such as Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. While they were very funny in this movie, the humor used is not for everyone. Personally, there were times where I laughed and times where I was not amused at all.

For the most part, the story line was very simple to follow. What I gathered from the movie was that the two main characters originally went to high school together. Dwayne Johnson’s character was portrayed as the nerdy student in high school, while Kevin Hart’s character was a rather popular student who seemed to do really well in high school. As time goes on, there is a high school reunion where these two characters meet again. Dwayne Johnson’s character is a criminal who is currently being watched by the authorities. Because this character is spending time with Kevin Hart’s character, the authorities are trying to use Kevin Hart’s character to reveal information and potentially locate the criminal.

While the movie was great and it was definitely entertaining, I had some questions about the rating PG-13. I know I am not the only one who was questionable about this. The reason being is that it almost seemed as if they tried too hard to meet the standards of PG-13. Instead, they attempted to make inappropriate words seem more appropriate. They were often found trying to to say the words without actually saying the full words. Regardless, I found that the movie was far too violent to be PG-13. If they would have rated the movie “R” instead, I think they could have used the type of humor and violence they were aiming for more easily.

I felt as if the violence was way out of hand. There were several incidences in which the character’s fire guns probably more than 1000 times. This took place throughout the entire movie, and by the end, it was getting really old. The entire movie seemed to be pointless, but nonetheless, I did pick up on the message they were trying to send which was anti-bullying. While I liked the idea of the message, the ways in which they tried to promote this message was not amusing. For a movie that allows anyone over the age of 13 to watch, I felt that the rating was too lenient because of the crude humor and violence. If a teenager were to watch this movie, I feel as if they would not catch onto the message of anti-bullying. I would recommend seeing the movie if you are interested in seeing some pointless humor. As for a family movie, there are plenty of other movies you can enjoy besides this one.

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