CDC Urges Travelers Not Visit Mexico Due to ‘Very High’ COVID-19 Risk

For families gearing up for Spring Break, the CDC and the State Department have issued a new warning about traveling.

Mexico is a popular destination for many Arizona residents. The concern is that Mexico has moved to the “very high” risk level 4 this week after being considered level 3 for more than six months. The CDC is urging people to avoid traveling to Mexico due to very high levels of COVID.

Mexico had a record number of new COVID-19 cases were reported this month.

The agency is offering advisement that if travel is absolutely mandatory, travelers should be updated on their vaccination and masks should be warned indoors.

The CDC assigns countries as level 4 when there are more than 500 COVID-19 positive cases per 100,000 cases withing 28 days.

The CDC also assigned the following 11 other countries to the level 4 list:

• Anguilla
• Brazil
• Chile
• Ecuador
• French Guiana
• Kosovo
• Mexico
• Moldova
• Paraguay
• The Philippines
• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
• Singapore


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