CDC Expected to Lift Covid-19 Mask Rules

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to ease mask guidelines as soon as Friday, as several states across the U.S. have begun the process to life mandates.

Currently the CDC recommend people continue to wear masks while indoors across the entire country. Largely, the recommendation has been ignored. The country has seen states start to lift indoor mask mandates. Hawaii is the only state that currently has an indoor mask mandate requirement still in place and they have no plans to lift it.

The CDC currently recommends indoor masking for all those who are unvaccinated regardless of what their local exposures rates are at. That recommendation is expected to stay in place.

The new expected recommendations takes into account hospitalizations and local hospital capacity.

Los Angeles County, became one of the latest large cities in the United States to ease their mask restrictions as the number of new coronavirus cases continued to decrease.

New York City’s public school system announced on Friday the end to their outdoor mask mandate. The public school system is however expected to keep their indoor mask requirements for students and staff.

Following suit is Connecticut and Massachusetts. They will lift some of their mask mandates effective Monday. Washington, D.C., and Chicago are also set to end their city-wide mask mandate.

Two years after the worldwide pandemic began, the daily average of new cases in the United States has dropped 66 percent in the past two weeks. In addition, daily average hospitalizations have declined 44 percent.


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