Casa Grande Elementary School District Governing Board Approves 4-Day School Week

The 2022-2023 school year for the Casa Grande Elementary School District will look a little bit different this year.

Starting this school year, three-day weekends will now be the norm for the students and families in the Casa Grande Elementary School District as they move to a four-day school week.

The Governing Board began studying the possibility of a four-day school week in February after families and staff approached them with the idea of helping recruit and retain high-quality educators. Over 1,900 community survey responses were reviewed along with several other sources of information. Additionally, two public hearings were held prior to the Governing Board’s approval.

The school district hopes to use their new school schedule as a resource to recruit great, qualified teachers. With the vigorous, demands of teachers, the goal is for teachers to be able to re-energize with the help of the longer weekend breaks.

To make up for the time loss on Fridays, CGESD is adding 30 minutes to the daily schedule. The district is also removing their standard early dismissals on Wednesdays. The district schedule will also reflect one-week Fall and Spring Breaks this year instead of the two-week-long breaks.

One Friday each month, teachers will be required to come in to attend specialized training and workshops.

The new school schedule does have many families concerned. Parents are worried about finding childcare on Fridays. However, the Boys and Girls Club of the Sun Corridor is hoping to be a great resource for parent’s needs. They will offer all-day care on Fridays for $10 per day. For more information, head to Boy & Girls Clubs of the Sun Corridor’s website.

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