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Canada Announces Plans To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine For Air and Rail Travel

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for travelers in Canada.

All travelers 12 and older planning to travel by plane or train must be fully vaccinated by the end of October. There will be a month-long grace period where travelers can show a negative COVID-19 test in place of a vaccine confirmation.

“By the end of November, if you’re 12 or older and want to fly or take the train, you’ll have to be fully vaccinated,” Trudeau said.

By the end of November, a negative test will no longer be accepted.

“This is about keeping people safe on the job, and in their communities,” Trudeau said.

Canada reports that as of September 25th, 86% of people 12 and older have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The country says more than 80% are fully vaccinated.


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