Campaigns Use Apps To Push Out Robocalls

At the heart of political season, political campaigns are doing what they can go spread their message. That includes using special apps to send annoying robocalls and robotexts.

According to Phoenix political law and constitutional attorney Kory Langhofer, those special apps help them skirt the laws.

“It is one way for the campaigns to get around the law that prohibits robodialing of text messages on cellphones, said Langhofer

“The app will cue up the phone number for the voter. It’ll prewrite the message for the voter. You just have to hit a button and send it,” he said. 

Langhofer said that the process of using the app allows the distribution of the messages while skirting the law.

“There’s a person pressing a button, even though a computer is doing most of the work by writing the text message and filling in the number of the voter they are trying to reach,” he said. 

What can be done about the invasion? Langhofer said that for now, there’s not a lot that can be done to stop the annoying calls and texts.

“If someone is worried about just stopping the text messages they are getting between now and election day, there is virtually nothing you can do,” he said.

“If you add your name to the ‘do not call’ list it won’t stop this, because the ‘do not call’ list applies to commercial callers.”

Langhofer explains that this is the first election cycle featuring this type of mass texting and any hope in the future of voters getting future relief, it will more than likely take action from Congress to put measures in place.

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