California Companies are Choosing Arizona for Business Expansion

Numerous California businesses that are looking for expansion opportunities are turning to Arizona as a solution. As taxes, regulations and other costs escalate in California, companies are pursuing greener pastures across the state line.

According to Forbes, Weebly, a San Francisco-based company that offers user-friendly website-building tools, decided to locate its new office in Scottsdale because of the entrepreneurial-spirited and passionate people. With affordable office space, Arizona State University close by, and a high-energy atmosphere, Weebly’s CEO David Rusenko believes Scottsdale will satisfy existing employees while enticing new ones.

The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), who is currently involved in a campaign to support the expansion of California businesses into Arizona, wasn’t surprised by Weebly’s choice to expand to Arizona.  Apple, Maxwell Technologies and Zenefits are just a few others that have also chosen Arizona for business expansion.

With over 24 percent of ACA’s projects originating in California and Arizona ranking as one of Chief Executive Magazine’s 2014 top ten places to do business in the nation, the effort to grow and strengthen our state’s economy is paying off.

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