Build-A-Bear’s Upcoming ‘Pay Your Age Day’

On Thursday, July 12th, Build-A-Bear Workshop will be selling teddies at a price based on the age of each individual customer. In order to take advantage of the promotion, one must first sign up and become a member of the “Bonus Club”.

The in store only event will be taking place at US, Canada, and UK Build-A-Bear Workshop locations. The day will serve as a kickstarter to Build-A-Bear Workshop’s celebration of birthdays through their ‘Count Your Candles’ campaign.

Build-A-Bear Workshop president Sharon Price John recently made a statement highlighting the fact that children are the company’s primary consumers, and that Pay Your Age Day is meant to celebrate that.

Adults who wish to participate, will be able to purchase bears at costs that will not exceed $29. Parents and guardians alike should sign children up to become Bonus Club members, so that they’re able to participate in the fun event.

Visit the online Bonus Club registration to sign up.

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