Buckeye Mother Stung More Than 75 Times, Protected Children

A woman was stung 75 times after a swarm of bees attacked her in Buckeye.

While taking family photos on Sunday afternoon, a family ended up in the the center of a bee swarm. The mother’s quick thinking saved her two children from being stung. She quickly put them in the car and consequently took the impact of the stings.

Crews from Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, Buckeye Valley Fire and Buckeye Fire responded to the area of Beloat and Rainbow roads for reports of a swarm of bees.

The children’s grandmother called 911 reporting to dispatch to “please hurry, please hurry, my daughter can’t get in the car, she’s being attacked by bees.”

The crews used foam to calm the bees and rescue the children from the car.

Authorities says the family is traumatized and but physically fine, The mother will make a full recovery but the family is still recovering emotionally.

According to Arizona Pest Control, Honey bee swarms are most common during the months of May and June in Arizona. During this time of year, honey bee colonies produce an extra queen, causing the old queen and numerous workers to abandon the colony in order to start a new one elsewhere. While searching for a proper area to establish a nest, the queen frequently becomes tired and stops to rest while her loyal worker bees wait for her to regain energy.

It is during this process of swarming long distances that many people encounter honey bee swarms. These swarms are usually found resting on tree branches out in the open, but since they are without a nest to defend, they are not typically aggressive. However, nesting honey bees are aggressive, and the honey bees in Arizona are not the common European honey bees found in the rest of the country; instead, all Arizona honey bees are descendants of Africanized honey bees, or “killer bees,” as they are commonly known.

If you are attacked by bees getting inside to a safe place is key. Run in a straight line, cover your face, and get to shelter. Never get into water and do not fight the bees.

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Bee safe!