Buckeye has best new car deals in AZ

You’d think that the market for vehicles across the country is very similar if not exactly the same, but you’re absolutely wrong. Not only do prices differ significantly on average between different states, but taking advantage of these differences could land you major savings on your vehicle purchase. Arizona residents are in luck.

Arizona ranks number 9 in autolist.com’s list of the cost of vehicles across states, but there are many different prices you could face based on which region of the state you purchase from.

When it comes to saving money, the best spot in Arizona to do so according to this list is Buckeye.

In Buckeye you could reportedly save more than $955 in relation to the rest of the country. That’s a major difference for such a small amount of distance, but these savings are very important to customers, and many would commute to see this amount off of their purchases.

But Buckeye isn’t the only place Arizona has selling cheaper cars.

Major cities like Phoenix and Tempe also came in at fairly low rates nationally, offering savings between $300 and $500.

While these deals are absolutely sweet to utilize, there are further deals even down to the vehicles models that offer bigger savings bounties.

In terms of the biggest savings, Arizona has some car models that offer significant bucks back to customers looking to take advantage of it.

These vehicle models include the Chevy Suburban, BMW X1, and Ford Expedition EL.

For these vehicle models in relation to how the prices look nationally, you could be looking at savings as high as $2200 for buying them in Arizona. Even less for buying them in the right cities.