BOOK by Cadillac set to launch around the US

In an effort to eliminate many of the headaches typically associated with car ownership such as financing, downpayment, taxes and registration fees, luxury auto maker Cadillac recently announced that it will be offering premium car sharing subscription services. The new program known as BOOK by Cadillac will allow subscribers uninhibited access to an entire line of brand-new Cadillacs and top-trimmed cars including the XT5, CT6, Escalade and the V series. The program will be app-enabled to allow members on-demand access to an array of these premium Cadillac models, and the vehicles will be delivered to members’ requested locations by a white-glove concierge.

But, the service doesn’t come without a noteworthy fee of $1500 per month. Since there are no  limitations regarding miles or loan duration, the Book program could become a popular alternative to people who’ve felt those restrictions imposed via traditional leasing options. Routine maintenance, detailing, registration, taxes, and insurance are all handled by Cadillac and included in the flat monthly fee. “BOOK by Cadillac is an innovative new option targeted at a growing class of luxury drivers searching for access to various cars over time, dependent on their individual needs, coupled with a hassle-free white-glove exchange,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer.

Cadillac is a division of the U.S.-based General Motors (GM) and has been a leading luxury auto brand since 1902. According to the Cadillac Pressroom, BOOK by Cadillac will launch first in the New York metro area, with plans to debut in other markets.

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