Board Sets Date to Vote on Rio Verde Foothills Water Issue

Home owners and residents in the Rio Verde Foothills are very concerned over where the source of their water will be coming from next year.

Since the Rio Verde Foothills is unincorporated, residents don’t automatically get water service from a city or town.  The County is not a water provider so the people of the Rio Verde Foothills have had to find other sources of water.  Some have wells.  Some use private utilities.  Others rely on hauled water, much of which comes from the City of Scottsdale.  Scottsdale’s current drought management plan calls for an end of water service to those outside Scottsdale city limits starting in December 2022.

The Board of Supervisors heard public comment yesterday about the future of water delivery in the Rio Verde Foothills.  Following the public hearing, the Board set a date of Wednesday, August 31 to vote on one proposed solution: the formation of a Domestic Water Improvement District

“I appreciate the testimony today from community residents. It was informative”, said District 2 Supervisor Tom Galvin who represents Rio Verde Foothills.  “My focus continues to be finding a sustainable long-term water solution for the area.”

In response, a group of residents proposed creating a Domestic Water Improvement District, or DWID, which would levy taxes and fees on Rio Verde Foothills residents who sign up for water service.  State law does not give counties authority to regulate water, but special taxing districts require Board approval.

“The question before the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is narrow: whether or not to approve the proposed formation of a DWID,” said Galvin.  “I’m grateful to my colleagues for allowing me the time to research this issue fully, seek public input, and work with other governmental entities such as the Arizona Corporation Commission.  The Board’s vote on a proposed DWID is the next step in the process.”

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