Blair Witch 2016 Is this the explanation fans have been waiting for?

Did the original Blair Witch victims survive? Blair Witch 2016 attempts to continue its legacy of scaring movie goers through the “found footage” concept.

The second edition in this saga finds Heathers younger brother James, searching for the truth about what happened to his sister 17 years ago. He sees a video that has been uploaded to YouTube from the Black Woods Forest were his sister Heather went missing. After enlisting the help of friends, James heads out to the legendary woods in search of his sister, and the truth behind the Blair Witch legend.

Upon arriving in Berkittsville MD, the friends team up Lane and Talia, two locals who uploaded the footage of what could be Heather behind the camera in the clip uploaded to YouTube. With Lane and Talia acting as guides, the group heads out into the woods to find out the truth about what happened to James sister and whether or not the Blair Witch actually exists.

As the movie goes continues we begin to see the appearance of wooden stick figures that those who have seen the original film will remember as a staple of the Blair Witch saga. However, evidence emerges that could give the friends an idea as to who the Blair Witch actually is.

  1. Could it be Heather?
  2. Was she behind the whole thing?
  3. Or is it something more sinister than anyone could have imagined?

This latest edition to the Blair Witch franchise may leave movie goers with more questions than answers. The option to leave the door open to a possible third edition may have left this part of the story lacking in detail. But overall I would recommend this movie if you’re looking for more of the classic 1980’s horror film set in the modern era.

While some questions may remain, some answers are given in this sequel that give more insight to what happened to Heather and her friends 17 years ago. The possible edition of a third and final part to this series, may ultimately be able to answer some of the questions to the Blair Witch mystery.