Bites App Allows Users to Hire Chefs

Phoenix foodies who are not too keen to get into the kitchen will soon be able to use an app to get fresh, local meals prepared in their own homes.  

A new smartphone app, “Bites” allows users to hire professional chefs in the area. Users can hire chefs for intimate family dinners or for larger events and parties. The app uses the same interface as popular job posting sites. Users can scroll through the app to pick an available chef of their choice. They can even use the app to book a specific date and time.

The app’s founder, Roza Ferdowsmakan said that the chefs who have joined the app can range in experience from culinary school students to home cooks. Chefs can use a bio portion of the app to list where they purchase their meat and produce. Ferdowsmakan said that this app helps the local farmers and ranchers in the community because it encourages chefs to purchase local to the Phoenix area.

Instead of being just another catering app. Ferdowsmakan hopes that the app will be used to broaden user’s culinary horizons. She hopes that chefs will not just be regulated to the kitchen. Instead, the chef can use their produce to create a narrative with guest. Ideally, the chefs can tell guest about some of the culture and stories of the area and about where the food comes from.

Currently, Bites app is available in beta. 

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