Best Places to Work in Phoenix, AZ

The best places to work usually take care of a few different elements. First, they provide excellent leadership. They also foster a generally positive work culture based on a supportive framework.

We humans like to feel valued, so that should extend to the workplace. We also want to feel like there is the potential for career growth, and that if we work hard, there are opportunities for promotion. And finally, we hope that the pay is fair! Companies that get all of this right are great places to work. Unfortunately for job seekers, landing a role at a company that ticks all the boxes is incredibly difficult.

To give yourself the best chance, you need to make an excellent job application, and part of that entails composing a well-crafted resume. Starting from scratch can be intimidating, so use professional examples of a resume for guidance when creating your own. Follow the basic structure to highlight your skills, expertise, and qualifications to help land a role at one of the best companies in Phoenix.

Top Companies to Work for in Phoenix

Here are the top five companies to work for in Phoenix, along with their average annual salaries:

  1. Encora
    Encora is a company that offers businesses help by defining their strategic innovation roadmaps. They are a Brazilian tech giant with headquarters in Phoenix, and they’re award-winning for all the right reasons in terms of employee satisfaction. A strong leadership team sets high standards and creates opportunities for learning and growth by fostering a culture of teamwork. The salaries aren’t bad either, with a median compensation package of $126,337.

  2. GoDaddy
    GoDaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs around the globe, and they just happen to have sprawling offices in Phoenix. Many employees report an open, honest, and inclusive culture, with seemingly great relationships between leadership and broader teams. Management is proud of its open-door policy, believing this fosters a creative atmosphere. As with many tech-related companies, there is an emphasis on growth and providing opportunities to learn.

  3. DriveTime
    DriveTime is a used car auto retailer based in Phoenix and was awarded one of the best places to work in Phoenix in 2022. It is highly rated for many aspects of its work culture and outlook, including high levels of diversity within the workplace. Its HR team is highly regarded for the support levels it offers to its employees. In general, employees speak of a highly positive and supportive atmosphere where there is a drive to succeed. The median compensation package for workers is $122,641.

  4. Nextiva
    Nextiva is a cloud communications company making waves in Phoenix. Its CEO, Tomas Gorny, has won numerous awards for his innovative and inclusive approaches. Nextiva ranks in the top 5% nationwide for its gender and diversity scores. Employees comment that the work pace is fast, but the supportive environment makes this manageable and exciting.

  5. Geneva Financial Home Loans
    Geneva Financial is a mortgage lender headquartered in Arizona with more than 130 branch locations nationwide. Employees praise the company’s leadership for helping them set year-on-year career goals to grow. The company adopts a look-ahead approach to both its growth and the growth of its employees, backed up by a highly supportive environment. The median compensation package at Geneva Financial Home Loans is $104,806.

Tips To Land Roles in These Companies

To land roles at these companies in Phoenix, you’ll need to stand out! Follow these general rules:

  • Write a tailored resume for each application to highlight specific skills and experience.
  • Write a fantastic resume that stands out by using a unique resume objective.
  • Back your resume up with a well-crafted and tailored cover letter.
  • Use the job description for hints and clues regarding what the hiring manager is looking for.
  • Don’t write your resume without help!

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