Bear Ends Up on Top of 2 Power Poles in Southern Arizona

Uh oh Boo Boo!

The Arizona Game and Fish Department in Tucson (AZGFD Tucson) shared photos taken this past weekend of a big, brown bear that had apparently found himself in a tricky predicament. Located in the city limits of Douglas, a brown bear climbed a power pole and found himself perched at the top for a while.

Early Sunday morning, Douglas police officer Jamilette Barrios got a call about a bear sighted near East 12th Street and G Avenue. She was the first officer to report to the scene. “It was up on one pole then came down and went up a second one nearby,” said Ofc. Barrios.

AZGFD had to briefly close part of US Highway 191 while the bear remained high on his perch.

Crews from AZGFD Tucson, the Douglas Police Department, The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office and US Border Patrol all tried to figure out how to get the bear to come down. Crews from the power company also stood by, because one unfortunate move and the bear could have been electrocuted.

The bear eventually climbed down on his own causing two dozen onlookers on the ground to quickly scatter as the bear ran off into the wilderness. Thankfully, no one was hurt, including the bear.


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