Battle Brewing over Huss Beer taproom at Phoenix Uptown Plaza

A Phoenix beer taproom was set to open a second location which was to be in the Phoenix Uptown Plaza but neighbors in the historic neighborhood are not ready to see that happen.

The proposed location for the Huss Brewing Company is at 1st Street and Camelback Road. 

Temp-based Huss Brewing Co. though a 2, 000 square foot location in the shopping center would be a wonderful addition to the community and suit their needs as a growing brewer.  There are residents who do not agree and they are speaking up.

The plans are not for a bar; they are for a taproom which will only serve beer and wine.  Residents had been misinformed and thought that it was a bar so they filed a protest.

The team for the Huss Beer Taproom had taken steps to ensure that the location would be a good fit for the community prior to speaking with the association about opening in the Plaza.  The lease was clear that there would not be live music, no speaker outside, and the hours would be the same as the other businesses located in Uptown Plaza. 

There are other restaurants in Uptown Plaza with a much wider offering of alcohol than what Huss has proposed and that does not bother the residents in the area so it seems to be a misunderstanding of what the business is offering to patrons. 

Chip Mulala, sales chief for Huss, has said, “We’re self-imposing these restrictions on ourselves to be good neighbors with the community.”  Ken Mosesian, president of the neighborhood board, says the concern is with the bar’s proximity to some residents’ backyards.  The concern is that too much noise will be generated and cause a disturbance to residents located nearby.

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