Barrio Cosita Joins the Barrio Queen Familia

By Lauren Wong
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A montage of everything that Barrio Queen’s owners, Linda Nash and Steve Rosenfield, fell in love with during their travels throughout Mexico was crafted together to create Barrio Cosita. All your favorites from Barrio Queen are paid homage in this new fast-casual concept.

Highlighted by Día de los Muertos, Barrio Queen has provided the community with authentic Mexican food for years. Now that Barrio Cosita made its debut on Nov. 1, 2021, you can find all those flavors you crave in this new fast-casual concept. A spin off of the original restaurant, there’s now a quicker, more readily available way to satisfy your taste buds.

The 2,300 square-foot restaurant is located at 15801 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, on the northeast corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. and the Loop 101. “The restaurant features a vibrant interior inspired by trends found throughout Mexico, with a brass-plated bar and bright and colorful art installations,” Brianna Vannelli, Director of Marketing says. “We wanted to make sure that both of our concepts aren’t isolated to a particular state in Mexico. We tour the regions.”

Most of the time you don’t find a full-service bar within a fast-casual restaurant, but Barrio Cosita is unique. Happy hour is offered every weekday! “You can go in, get that speedy fast lunch and be in and out in 15 minutes. But, you can also come back for happy hour, or sit down with your family for dinner and get those handcrafted margaritas at a really comfortable price point,” Vannelli says.

As Covid forced almost every restaurant to look within and reanalyze their operations, the idea for a fast-casual restaurant was born. It truly meets the modern day consumer by targeting those who want to eat at home, as well as those looking to get out to sit and enjoy their meal.

Their hopes are to expand and to eventually become a national brand. During 2022 they’re goal is to open three more Barrio Cosita restaurants and two more Barrio Queen’s. Having these two concepts that are different yet close enough together allows them to grow at different rates. “Really, the sky’s the limit,” Vannelli says. “I think that this is a perfect concept that will be a potential franchise opportunity.”

While paying homage to authentic family recipes, the menus tour southern Mexico while adding a modern spin. “There’s taco shops everywhere, but getting good, authentic, Mexican food fast that you can go to everyday is so exciting,” Vannelli says. “Linda and Steve are so passionate about the brand and they really are doing this because they want to take the opportunity to challenge what people have come to know as Mexican food. They do this by giving them authentic dishes that they’ve experienced, but here in the states.”

Some menu highlights include their Blue Corn Tortilla Tacos with options including pulled pork, fried fish, vegetariano, chorizo, and beef barbacoa, and their Burritos. Fill your Burrito with chicken tinga, puerco bohemia, or beef barbacoa. Large plates include their Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese, Sonoran Dog, and Taco Salad. The drink menu features everything from hand-crafted margaritas and Mexican-style red sangria, to the Café Con Piquete. All of which are $2 off during happy hour.

Dine in, get your food to-go, or take advantage of their catering option with packages beginning as low as $7.75 a person. And of course, don’t forget about Taco Tuesday! Every Tuesday Barrio Cosita will feature three Tacos and two sides for only $9.99.

“The goal was to reinvent what everyone already knows and loves about Barrio Queen,” Vannelli says. Translating into a little part of the neighborhood, Barrio Cosita is the younger sibling of the queen.

For more information on Barrio Cosita visit their website, or check out Barrio Queen.

Photo credit: Heather Kinkel


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