AZ Small Business Owners Can Expect Change in 2017

Arizona small business owners are in for significant season of change in 2017.  Small business insurer Insureon is reporting predictions of a stronger future ahead.  More buying power and the hiring of new employees are all a part of the exciting news.  Also look forward to stronger sales growth and improved profitability.

This all seems surprising with the new administration at the White House, but there seems to be lots of optimism and potential.  Even the U.S. GDP is expanding and employment is on the rise according to the Bureau of Labor.  In the month of November, the National unemployment rate decreased to 4.6 percent from 5 percent and in Arizona it has decreased a whole percentage point. 

With the increased potential buying power, this spells opportunity for the small business owners of Arizona.  Therefore it is highly recommended that business plans are developed, to help capitalize on the trend that is happening.  Small business owners especially need this since the 34.3 percent of US workers are employed by businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Therefore enjoy the holiday sales, but get ready for what is to come in 2017.  Be a part of the 82 percent of small businesses that have growth plans for 2017.  Let us see the continual growth that will come from the small business owner in the great state of Arizona.

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