At-Home Urgent Care Services In Phoenix

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care as well as Mercy Care Plan have recently joined with DispatchHealth, in order to offer at home medical services to Phoenix area residents. The services are mobile and are meant for urgent-care cases.

These on demand services are uniquely helpful in a variety of ways. In terms of convenience, they are hard to beat. Costs are much less than traditional visits to the emergency room. This is primarily due to significantly decreased overhead costs when compared with traditional emergency rooms. In fact, they are estimated to be up to 10 times as cheap as what patients might normally expect out of a regular visit to the ER. Additionally, more personalized care is provided.

Easily Schedule Appointments From An App

Patients have the option to request these services in a variety of ways. They are able to gain access through an app, online, or by calling. After initiating a request, a patient will be provided with a visit by a medical team. Considering that the teams are fully trained, the level of care is equivalent to that which is found in traditional emergency rooms. 

Medical Teams That Coordinate With Primary Care Physicians

During visits, these mobile healthcare teams are capable of scheduling prescription requests in pharmacies. They’re also able to transmit information to a patient’s physician. Mobile payment methods will also available.

Waiting times are said to be limited to around an hour. This on average is far less than some ER visits, which can take up to 4 hours to receive medical attention. DispatchHealth accepts most major health insurance plans, and can treat a variety of health ailments.

Care can be requested at: 928-482-5259 or 480-493-3444
More information for Phoenix residents can be found on their website
The DispatchHealth app is also available in the App Store

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