ASU Attempts To Increase Enrollment At Lake Havasu City Campus

Choosing a college is a big step for young adults, and one school is trying to get their name out to potential students. The Arizona State University campus in Lake Havasu City opened at the old middle school six years ago, but student recruitment is still a priority. About 150 students per semester attend the Lake Havasu City campus, and the college is attempting to increase these numbers.

Raymond Van der Riet, ASU interim director, believes having the ability to utilize the resources of a large university is beneficial. It gives the campus the ability to grow every year. His goal is for the university to reach enrollment of 1,800 students. 

He knows it will not be a goal that comes easily, and that it will be a 25 to 30-year process to achieve it.

In early 2018, the university announced its Community Advisory Group. This group is made up of volunteers, and it was created to increase enrollment. The committee is focusing on marketing by rebranding the school. In the process, it has increased fundraising, scholarships, and the recruitment of new students.

One way the school is drawing prospective students is by showing them why the university is unique. They are also focusing efforts on recruiting Southern California students, as well as Arizona high school students.

Through the advisory group, the school has begun several recruitment campaigns. They have installed signage on State Route 95 that direct people to the campus. They have also utilized postcards in vacation rentals and hotel rooms and use radio ads. These efforts help inform people the school is there and thriving. Members of the recruitment committee believe these measures will give prospective students a connection to the school, even if it does not produce immediate results.