Arizona’s 6 Most Underrated Destinations

There’s no doubt that Arizona is filled with beautiful places and unique tourist destinations. Why not make your next trip special and head to some of Arizona’s lesser known attractions? 

Here are the Copper State’s most underrated destinations:

1. Sandhill Crane Migration
Every year from November to March thousands of Sandhill cranes migrate to Sulpher Springs Valley, about 193 miles from Phoenix. The peak months are January and February and the best time of day to go is sunrise, when flocks take off in search of food.

2. North Rim, Grand Canyon
Just as beautiful as its Southern counterpart, Northern Rim has all of the beauty without the crowds. It’s located about 350 miles from Central Phoenix.

3. Sunset Crater National Monument
Located about 165 miles from Central Phoenix, Sunset Crater is a formerly active volcano that offers visitors an unforgettable landscape. Visitors can hike the different trails and look at how the landscape continues to recover from an eruption that took place over 900 years ago. 

4. Fourth Avenue, Tucson
This six-block avenue in Tucson will transport you back to the 1970s. About 115 miles from Central Phoenix, Fourth Avenue offers several attractive places to visit, such as The Hut, and tiki-style bar, and Delectables, a restaurant for dogs.

5. Navajo National Monument
This monument features ancient houses built into a cliff alcove. It’s located on the Navajo Reservation about 260 miles from Central Phoenix and offers visitors beautiful views of the landscape, which changes color depending on the position of the sun.

6. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
You might have seen this unforgettable landscape in movies or on TV. Most  tourists only see it from the nearby scenic road, but local Navajo guides can bring tourists further into the park. The best times to go are sunrise or sunset when the formations appear red and pink.

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