Arizona Woman Arrested For Pulling Out Gun At Phoenix School, Stopped By Police Officer

Phoenix police recently released body-camera video that shows an officer stopping a potential shooting at a school in north Phoenix.

Desira Marce Eliza Featchurs, 29-year-old, has been accused of pulling a gun out on school property with a child only a few feet away. On Sept. 22, in the released video, Featchurs is seen pulling a gun out of her bag at Mountain View School near Seventh Avenue and Peoria. An officer responds quickly and grabs the woman, preventing her from firing the weapon.

Police reported that Featchurs is the parent of a student at Mountain View School and the incident involved a child custody dispute.

In the video, a child is seen getting into a car with a man. Featchurs comes barreling out of the school yelling. An officer intervenes saying, “He wanted to get in. He’s getting in,” referring to the child getting into the car. “You think I’m [expletive] playing?” she yells as she reaches into her purse and grabs the gun. The officers responds immediately and is able to quickly grab Featchurs.

“When it comes to protecting your children, there is no time to waste when we see a threat,” Phoenix Police tweeted. “Thanks to the heroic actions of this #PHXPD officer, a possible shooting at a school was prevented.”

Desira Featchurs was arrested and booked into jail on multiple charges. She is accused of endangerment and carrying a weapon on school grounds.