Arizona Voters Overwhelmingly Support Bipartisan Approaches to Address Border Crisis and Immigration Reform

Arizona Voters Overwhelmingly Support Bipartisan Approaches to Address Border Crisis and Immigration Reform

A Strong Consensus Revealed Among Arizonans for Practical Solutions to Immigration Challenges

The Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA), a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fostering unity and progress in the state, unveiled today the findings from its Arizona Voters’ Agenda, shedding light on Arizonans’ perspectives on immigration. Through comprehensive surveys encompassing likely voters from various political affiliations and age groups, the Voters’ Agenda identifies areas of agreement and priorities that voters want political candidates to address.

Immigration, particularly concerning the southern border, remains a focal point of discussion and concern across Arizona. Contrary to popular belief about its divisiveness, the recent survey underscores a widespread desire among voters for pragmatic and collaborative approaches to tackle immigration challenges.

Dr. Sybil Francis, Chair, President & CEO of CFA, emphasized, “Arizona voters are speaking loud and clear: they want leaders to work together, transcending political divides, to find lasting solutions to immigration issues that impact our communities and economy.”

The data from the Arizona Voters’ Agenda unequivocally reveal that an overwhelming majority—90% of voters—consider immigration reform pivotal for the nation’s well-being and economic prosperity. This sentiment is echoed across party lines, with 85% of Republicans, 91% of independent/unaffiliated voters, and 92% of Democrats expressing support for comprehensive immigration reform.

Moreover, an impressive 82% of respondents view the current influx of migrants at the southern border as an international humanitarian and refugee crisis, underscoring the urgent need for bipartisan collaboration to address these challenges effectively.

Paul Bentz, Senior Vice President of Research & Strategy at HighGround, who conducted the survey on behalf of CFA, highlighted the disconnect between political rhetoric and public sentiment: “Despite the apparent gridlock in political circles, Arizona voters are united in their call for bipartisan solutions to immigration issues.”

Beyond the statistics, the Arizona Voters’ Agenda serves as a roadmap for meaningful dialogue and action. It outlines essential questions that candidates must address, such as their strategies for advocating for immigration reforms at the federal level, reflecting Arizonans’ desire for pragmatic and cooperative leadership.

As the state gears up for critical elections, the Arizona Voters’ Agenda stands as a testament to the collective voice of Arizona’s electorate, urging political leaders to prioritize bipartisan cooperation and practical solutions in addressing the complex issue of immigration.