Arizona Town May Be Investigated For Voter Fraud

An area on the Arizona-Utah border that is home to a polygamous sect of people may be getting investigated for voter fraud during last year’s elections.

Matt Smith, a Mohave County Attorney, wants to hire an investigator to look into the allegations, and he’s requesting $8,000 in county funds to do so. Smith couldn’t provide specific details regarding the allegations, but he plans to share more details when he meets with the Board of Supervisors on April 15 to try to get approval for the funds.

During the 2018 elections, the town council of Colorado City, Arizona was controlled by members of a polygamous group, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The vice mayor of Colorado City, Anthus Barlow, refused to answer questions about the potential investigation.

Bullhead City detective Gary Engels has conducted investigations in the polygamous community, and he is Smith’s top choice to investigate the allegations. In the last few years, the polygamous group has been plagued by government crackdowns. The group took a large hit when its leader, Warren Jeffs, was arrested for sexually assaulting underage girls, which he considered his brides.

Colorado City, as well as Hildale, are being watched by court-appointed monitors due to civil rights violations.

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