Arizona To Show Model 3 Tesla Electric Cars

Excited Arizona car enthusiasts finally get to see the electric car everyone has been waiting for all around the world. In Scottsdale the Tesla Showroom at Kierland Commons will be packed with curious car lovers. It is thought that because Arizona is one of the first places to show off the model, orders may have been high from the state. The Friday event is expected to draw large numbers long before it opens at 10am, just like the Los Angeles debut as reported by Forbes magazine. 

In March of 2016, the Fashion Square in Scottsdale held hundreds of eager customers who put a deposit of $1000 down on their cars over a year before they would be produced. Tesla had just won an uphill battle with the State of Arizona and began sales of the cars straight from the manufacturer. 

Almost 500,000 pre-ordered cars are spoken for by Tesla’s last count. Production delays that made the Model 3 go well beyond their schedule have not had any effect on the anticipation factor. Many are still waiting on the edge of their seat while some people have already received their cars in Arizona and across the country including the 1,500 cars delivered in the last quarter of 2017.

The Model 3 is around half of the sales price of the available Tesla cars. While a $50,000 model is being suggested to customers, one can be obtained for around $35,000. The Model S still goes for $100,000 or better depending on the options packages. Orders being placed at the event should be filled in 1 to 1and ½ years.

People from the Phoenix area will finally get to touch, go inside the cars and ask questions at the Scottsdale Kierland Commons Showroom. Further into the year there will be models available to take out for a spin although it is doubtful that anyone would be allowed to try out the 220-mile battery range. The larger battery option would be an even bigger stretch. 

The North Tesla Store at 15215 N. Kierland Blvd. #165B1A in Scottsdale will be the only location with the cars for now.  The Fashion Square in Scottsdale and the other location in Tempe will not be carrying the models at the moment.