Arizona State University Studying The Impact of The Sun On Performance

Researchers at Arizona State University are using extreme temperatures to help their athletes. Josh Beaumont, the ASU Associate Athletic Trainer says, “Performance improves as they become better acclimated with the heat.”

The performance of athletes was the reason “Athleat Field Lab” was created. The program’s aim is to conduct research on effects from the heat and sun and how it can affect hydration and performance. 

It’s called the “Cool the Fork” study, and it all started with the ASU Women’s Soccer team. It’s since expanded to other athletes.

The study measures weight and height, and then hydration by giving participants water and zero-calories drinks.

However, temperature is the main factor in these experiments.

“What we did is measure the athletes before their practice… try to standardize the practice and measure them afterwards, so do body weight measurements, hydration measurements, that kind of stuff, and then compare the pre and the post measurements, and also compare that between days. Acclimated athletes perform better in the heat, but they also perform better outside the heat, so in normal temperatures,” explained a source from ASU.

ASU athletes could have an edge up on competition if heat exposure is executed safely.

Researchers aim to help workers in other fields as well. They believe those who work outside much of the time, like construction workers, would greatly benefit from the study.

ASU is collaborating with the University of Arizona for the occupational study.


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