Arizona State Ranked Best College In Arizona By WalletHub

A recent WalletHub study found that Arizona State is the best college in Arizona for students who want a quality education at a low price.

ASU registered 266th out of 951 participating schools, while topping also Arizona Christian and Prescott College. 

WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez said those three were the only in Arizona college that had all the necessary data needed to participate in the study. Arizona Christian was 666th, while Prescott College was 891st. 

“We wanted to see what the top performing schools were at the lowest possible cost to undergraduates,” Gonzalez said.

The study focused on post-graduation factors such as salary, share of graduates who were offered full-time employment after six months, share of graduates out earning high school graduates and how many students are currently reducing their student loan debt levels. ASU posted a strong showing in the “cost and financing rank” and “campus experience rank” at 163rd and 244th, respectively.

A reason for ASU’s high ranking was also due to “career outcomes,” which ranked 330th. “That’s one of the reasons Arizona was moved to the top (of state rankings),” Gonzalez said on the category.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was ranked as the best college by WalletHub, while the top five was rounded out by Princeton, Yale, Harvard and California Institute of Technology.


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