Arizona Snowbowl Is Expanding

The 2018-2019 season was the Arizona Snowbowl’s longest season in 80 years. Now the Snowbowl is going to expand and upgrade its facilities.

The expansion will increase the resort’s capacity by 600 people, add the ability for guests to go night skiing, and incorporate other non-winter activities. The new amenities are scheduled to be up and running in 2021.

The improvements changes are a result of consulting company conclusion that the resort’s guest services, dining expectations, and parking facilities were inadequate for the amount of visitors they receive. The resort’s management group, Mountain Capital Partners, is increasing space for guest services, building additional parking, and adding a small medical clinic.

“It’s not uncommon for guests to experience long food lines, a lack of seating in the lodges and insufficient restrooms,” said J.R. Murray, the Snowbowl’s general manager. “We, too, want our guests to go home with fond memories of their time on the mountain. “In order to achieve this, we are planning for a capacity of 4,500 people to provide a great experience on even the busiest holidays.”

The resort is hoping that the improvements will mitigate mountain traffic. The facility is also planning to work with the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition to incorporate lighting fixtures on lower elevation slopes to be used during the weekends and special occasions.

There may be an additional option of winter tubing facility on Snowbowl’s lower, western slope. “By offering limited night skiing on 1% of the mountain’s skiable acreage, we’ll be able to provide additional outdoor recreation opportunities for local youth and groups,” Murray said. “This will also help to disperse crowds and traffic, as skiers stay later on the mountain.”

They also want to incorporate activities like mountain biking, an alpine slide, zip-line tours, and outdoor concerts.

“Currently, the scenic chairlift operates from May to mid-October, which is very popular, and we’re seeing a positive response to the additional activities like summer tubing and a bungee trampoline that were added last year, but guests arrive expecting more,” Murray said.

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