Arizona Snowbowl Announces Start Date for 2017-18 Ski Season

As hot temperatures remind us that it’s still summer here in Arizona, this small fact didn’t stop Arizona Snowbowl announcing its ski season opening date. 

The resort near Flagstaff stated in a release it’s expecting to begin welcoming snowboarders and skiers on Friday, November 10th.

General manager of the resort, J.R. Murray said, “It may only be August, but everyone at Snowbowl is already hard at work and excited to open.”

The resort feels they will be the first ski resort to open this season here in Arizona due in large part to their snowmaking system which allows percent of the mountain to be covered.

Murray went on to say, “With our advanced snowmaking system, we’re able to get ski season started early.”

Snowbowl’s slopes 2016-2017 season was the longest ever for them as the resort stayed open into May.

New this season to Snowbowl is a new ski lift and restaurant.

This new lift is replacing the old Hart Prairie lift that had been there for the past 36 years. The new lift will be two times larger than the previous one.

The old lift only had the capability of carrying two people per chair. The new lift will be able to carry four people per chair and have restraining bars and foot rests.

The new restaurant will be opening near the Grand Canyon Express lift. The food featured at the restaurant will be barbecue and Mexican foods. The restaurant will also be able to seat 300 people.      

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