Arizona Science Center Receives $100,000 Grant Funding

Continuing their 23 year long tradition of providing grants to the Arizona Science Center, Thunderbirds Charities has awarded the science center with another grant in the amount of $100,000. The grant was funded to help with the delivery of the STEM Extravaganza educational program which works to give teachers the tools they need to teach STEM subjects which will further the interest and education for their students.

This funding will be a great aid for the Arizona Science Center as they have made it their goal to educate the 400 teachers and 3,500 students in the Metro Phoenix school system on the subjects commonly referred to in a group as STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Facilitated by the Arizona Science Center staff, the program is a full day of activities held at each school with everything completely customized to the needs of the students and teachers involved throughout the day.

“This model is brilliant,” says Christine Hollingsworth, principal of Acacia Elementary School. “Previously, teacher professional development, providing students with exciting and relevant hands-on science content, and engaging families in this process would happen with separate programs. Each taking sufficient time and resources to plan and execute. With STEM Extravaganza, we are utilizing the expertise of Arizona Science Center to provide our students and families with engaging, hands-on science content while our teachers have a chance to be inspired and supported with their own type of learning. The more hands-on, visual learning we can do, the better,” she said.

Beginning with Acacia Elementary in 2016, the STEM Extravaganza program hopes to further their reach in 2017 by extending the program throughout the Metro Phoenix elementary schools. For more information on how you can bring this program to your school please visit this website:

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