Arizona School District Cuts Hours, Concerns Parents

A local Arizona school district decided to shorten its school day by 30 minutes, bringing the school day for several Phoenix area schools down to seven hours and ten minutes. This move would also change the timing of the local bus routes, according to David Baker of azfamily.com, reports. Bus routes begin ten minutes later than before, at 7:40 am, and afternoon routes begin at 2:50 pm. The decision was decided by the Creighton School District, citing concerns about budget and transportation costs.

While students might be thrilled about these new schedules, their parents might not be so enthralled. Several parents cited the fact that students have done poorly on their standardized tests, saying the students need more time to devote to learning. One school in particular, Biltmore Prep, has second language courses and parents worry that there isn’t enough time being appropriated for them. Whether or not this will worsen test score averages or if the school system can adapt their programs remains to be seen.

In the meantime, this change might be welcome for students, but concerning for their parents.