Arizona MVD Hopes To Save New Drivers From Identity Theft

One of the most exciting times in your life is passing the driving test and finally getting a driver’s license. However, some people are not sharing the news in the most responsible way.

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Department is warning new drivers of the dangers that come with sharing your exciting news on social media. There have been some people who have posted selfies showing their new license, complete with personal information, on social media. The MVD wants to help young drivers share the news in a responsible way.

Posters in many MVDs are teaching new drivers how to safely share their accomplishment. The posters help remind people to conceal their personal information by covering it up when they take a selfie with their new license. The posters also serve as a backdrop for a selfie, highlighting that the person is a new driver without revealing an address or driver’s license number.

Accidentally posting the information on your driver’s license can lead to identity theft, if someone who sees the post wants to take advantage of the information displayed. The MVD wants all drivers, even if their local office does not have these new posters, to be mindful of the information they post on social media.

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