Arizona MVD Helps Taxpayers Find Their Information

During this year’s tax season, there is a new way a government agency is helping people. The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division’s website has added a new tool for people who are filing taxes.

If you navigate to the ServiceArizona website, you will find the new “vehicle license tax paid in 2018” feature. This tool quickly gives anyone who paid taxes and fees on their vehicle access to exactly how much they did pay.

This is an easy way for any vehicle owner to find the amount that they paid in vehicle taxes and fees. Normally, someone would have to locate their vehicle registration to access this information. But this website allows people to access it in a more convenient way. A vehicle owner can also access information for all vehicles they own if they own multiple cars, rather than locating the separate registration information for each.

All that an individual would need to utilize this feature is a driver’s license number and their date of birth.

The feature has been available for many years. However, the information for 2018 registrations was just added to the website.

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