Arizona Humane Society Urging Dog Owners To Vaccinate After Positive Distemper Diagnoses

The Arizona Humane Society is encouraging dog owners to get their pets up to date on vaccines after five dogs in its care tested positive for distemper.

The airborne virus is highly contagious and often fatal. Four of the affected dogs have been euthanized, the animal welfare group said in a press release Tuesday.

Symptoms include coughing, eye and nose discharge, fever, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, “bubble gum” chewing, seizures and callusing of nose and foot pads.

The AHS said that while there is no cure for distemper, its vaccine is highly effective.

Pet owners should avoid taking unvaccinated dogs to public places, the group said.

AHS, Home Fur Good and the Arizona Animal Welfare League offer low-cost vaccines clinics.

Click here for more information on AHS’s Vaccines.

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