Arizona Hot Weather Tips For Your Dogs

As the Arizona temperatures continue to climb, there are several  important reminders when caring for our pets during the hot summer months.

The summer is a great time to have a lot of adventures with your dog. But you also want to know everything you can about taking care of dogs in hot weather and making sure your dog doesn’t get overheated. That means avoiding the hottest part of the day and bringing some good supplies to help keep your dog cool. Here are 10 tips on what you can do to with your dog on a hot day.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk
Check the temperature. Press the back of your hand firmly on the sidewalk or asphalt for 7 seconds to check if its comfortable for your dog’s paws. It is strongly recommended not to take a walk during the hottest part of the day.  While it is important for both you and your dog to get the much needed exercise, time the walks, runs or hikes  for early morning hours or after the sun has gone down and it is cooler.

Summer Booties if You Can’t Avoid Hot Surfaces All the Time

If you can’t avoid waiting for cooler parts of the day to venture out and to avoid hot ground surfaces, get your dog some booties. Dog’s paws are tender and can be easily burned by a hot sidewalk. Walking in the grass or at cooler times of the day isn’t always available, so if you must go out when it’s hot, protect your dog’s paws.

Watch for Burns
Dogs can get sunburned too! Pets with white ears or fur are especially susceptible to burning in the bright sun or even getting skin cancer. There are sunscreen made especially for dogs.

Go With H2O
It’s a no brainer, if you are out exercising, you need water to replenish the much needed hydration. Your dog needs it as well. Make sure to bring your dog an option to drink water from and that they have access to water so they don’t get dehydrated.

Overheating Signs
Your pet can overheat and have heatstroke just like humans and it is important to avoid it at all measures. Signs of heatstroke in a dog include being listless or lethargic, acting clumsy, excessive thirst, drooling, excessive panting or hard breathing, extra high temperature, fast heartbeat, vomiting, or acting confused. A dog with heatstroke can pass out. Your dog’s life is in danger if they develop heatstroke. It is important to recognize the symptoms quickly and to get your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

Never Leave Your Dog in the Car
We’ve all heard tragic stories of parents forgetting their children are in the car and leaving them parked for hours in a car that heats up quickly. Just like a child, an animal should never be left in the car, especially when its hot. A car that is parked in 85 °F weather outside, with the windows open, the car internally temperature can climb to102 °F in just 10 minutes. Heat stroke for pets begins with a body temperature over 103 degrees. Under Arizona law A.R.S. 13-2910, it is considered animal cruelty if a person intentionally, knowingly or recklessly leaves an animal unattended and confined in a motor vehicle and physical injury to or death of the animal is likely to result. If you are found guilty, you will face a class 1 misdemeanor which is the most serious misdemeanor.  A class 1 conviction may lead to three years of probation, a $2,500 fine and a maximum of six months in jail. With the temperatures that Arizona experiences in the summertime, leaving an animal in a car, can be dangerous. Take your pet inside with you every time.

Provide Shade
Make sure your dog is not directly in the hot sun all day. Shade is important for your dog on hot days.

Educate Yourself at the Vet’s Office
Certain breeds can be more susceptible to heat. For example, Pugs and Boston Terriers typically have some breathing issues in the hot summer. In addition, a dog that is older or overweight might be more unstable in the heat.

Summer Fun
Keeping safety in mind, make sure to get out and enjoy some summer fun you’re your pets. summer outings with your pup. An economic solution to staying cool and having fun would be to purchase an inexpensive kiddie pool for some splashing fun or freeze treats for them to enjoy.

By taking the important and necessary safety precautions to avoid overheating, you and your dog can make some fun summer memories together, while staying safe.