Arizona Gives Day on Tuesday is More Important Than Ever

This time last year, no one could have imagined the massive devastation the COVID pandemic would have caused in the world. One year later, with millions of people receiving the vaccine and improved stats showing positive signs, there is a sigh of relief as we attempt to regain some sense of normalcy.

We’re not there yet, and defining the “new normal” is still a work in progress as we navigate this unchartered path.

One fact we can hold onto is the incredible generosity during the 2020 Arizona Gives Day 24-hour fundraiser when nearly 39,000 Arizonans donated a record-shattering $6.1 million to 913 participating nonprofits at a time when doors were closing and revenue streams were uncertain.

Without a doubt, those generously donated dollars made a difference. However, one year later, many Arizona nonprofits continue reeling.

After a challenging year for many nonprofits, the 24-hour online fundraiser couldn’t come at a better time! Whether you have participated in Arizona Gives Day before or are new to the program, if have been looking for ways to give back to your favorite nonprofit, tomorrow is the day!

Tuesday, April 6th is Arizona Gives Day, which is a designated special day of giving that comes around on the first Tuesday of April each year and is a great way to support the nonprofit community.

“They’ve had furloughs, they’ve had volunteer loss, which is a huge component for nonprofits. We have also seen 52% of the nonprofits said they had seen a decrease actually in year-end giving,” Jennifer Purcell with the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits said.

Nonprofits not only saw a drop in revenue and donations but also experienced an increase of more than $15 million in expenses, primarily for PPE, supplies and technology.

According to the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, nonprofits statewide lost $91-million dollars over the last year. Some groups lost a few hundred dollars while others saw a decline of up to $5-million.

“Arizona Gives Day is going to be huge this year with organizations with the losses they have incurred the last year, their inability to hold in-person, large events for fundraising,” Purcell said.

There are a number of options and ways to donate on Arizona Gives Day, from making donations during a specific block of time to help a nonprofit earn additional funds from the $160,000 prize pool to creating a fundraiser page to benefit your favorite nonprofit to sending a $50 online gift card to a friend or family member and having them choose the nonprofit they want to support. Details are available at

From food banks to shelters, there are more than one thousand groups participating in Arizona Gives Day. Organizers are hopeful that the Arizona community will once again be generous and step up to help these nonprofits again! Every dollar makes a difference for nonprofits doing great work in our Arizona communities and they cannot do it without our help.

You can donate to your favorite charity or find a new one to support. For more information, head to


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