Arizona Gas Prices Higher Than National Average

Arizona residents are seeing the highest gas prices in five years.

“We are looking at some of the highest average gas prices for Arizona since 2014,” said GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan.

“Gas prices continue to go up. (They) stand about 21 cents a gallon higher statewide than they were last year.”

According to AAA, Arizona’s average price per gallon of $3.12 topped the national average of $2.88 on Monday. Mohave County’s price of $3.28 per gallon was the highest, and the lowest was Graham County at $2.74.

While Arizona’s gas prices have increased by 40 cents per gallon in the last month, DeHaan said relief may come soon.. “I think we could see prices continue to go up for a week or two, but I do think we’re getting closer and closer to hitting that peak price,” he said.

“Some refineries in California that supply the state of Arizona are getting back online … in the next five to 10 days, and that should provide some price relief as well as increased supply.”

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