Arizona Department of Education Giving Parents A Hotline To Report ‘Inappropriate Lessons’ In School

In an effort to keep inappropriate lessons out of Arizona classrooms, a new hotline has been set up for parents to report teachers directly to the state if they teach a lesson that they feel is inappropriate.

The Arizona Department of Education and State Superintendent Tom Horne believes the Empowerment Hotline will give parents more say in their child’s education. Its purpose is to serve as a way for parents to turn in teachers for leading inappropriate lessons in the classroom. Horne has followed through on a promise he made during his campaign to remove critical race theory from Arizona’s schools and this will help hold schools and teachers accountable.

Horne strongly feels that teachers should be working toward the goal of educating on the academic standards, not using their role in their student’s lives by indoctrinating  their personal ideology. He feels it should not be happening in our public school system and parents now have a way to report it if they feel teachers have overstepped the boundaries.

Parents also have the right to file complaints about materials being taught in Arizona classrooms that promote inappropriate sexual conduct, gender ideology and social emotional learning.

If Arizona students are being taught inappropriate subject matters, the state ultimately wants to know so it can be investigated and it can be dealt with.

Arizona Department of Education will have investigators who will respond to the complaints filed. If the agency finds that teachers are abusing their position, they could face disciplinary conduct.

In addition, Horne is looking to add the violations to the assignment reporting of a school’s letter grade in the state’s A-F Accountability System.

Parents can submit reports by calling 602-771-3500 or via email [email protected]. Given this is a state agency, all emails are subject to release as public records.

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