Arizona Day Trip Ideas

Arizona’s state nickname, “The Grand Canyon State,” pretty much sums up why the state is known.  But beyond the Grand Canyon, there is a wide variety of attractions, making Arizona a prime location for day trips.  Whether residents want to explore the scenic outdoors, or spend a day inside at a museum, Arizona will always be able to deliver.   

Outdoor Activities:

Hieroglyph Park – Located near Gold Canyon, Arizona, Hieroglyph Park offers a fantastic way for casual hikers and walkers to explore the genuine natural beauty of Arizona trails.  The path is open March- November and is dog-friendly as long as they are kept on a leash.  Complete with a dazzling waterfall, ancient hieroglyphs, and picturesque landscapes, Hieroglyph Park is an excellent day trip excursion!

Siphon Draw Trail – This 5.5 mile long trail situated near Apache Station, AZ, is a truly great hiking option for more advanced adventurers.  Although the climb is tough, hikers claim it is worthwhile, as some points along the trail offer breathtaking vantages, and the path supports a vibrant variety of flora.  If you are up to the challenge, Siphon Draw Trail will not disappoint!

Hiking is definitely a popular pastime in the gorgeous state of Arizona, but some days, we just want to take it easy and stay inside.  Luckily, Arizona boasts some incredible indoor experiences, showcasing its famous art and glorious nature.

Indoor Activities:

Phoenix Art Museum – Officially named the largest museum in the Southwestern United States, the Phoenix Art Museum offers a bounty of stunning paintings, sculptures, and photography from artists around the world.  In addition, The Phoenix Art Museum hosts various events throughout the year, including live performances, film showings, and educational conferences.  Check out their website for more information on their enriching programs!

AZ On The Rocks – This 14,000 square foot indoor rock climbing heaven is the perfect way for adventurers to spend a rainy day inside!  AZ On The Rocks offers rock climbing as well as yoga classes in its massive facility. The wide expanse of climbing options guarantees fun and exercise for all who choose to climb.


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