Arizona Business Provides New Birthday Party Option With “Slumber Shack”

Inviting your children’s friends over for activities can be a stressful and overwhelming from having enough resources to keeping them occupied, to worrying about potential messes.

A new business in the Valley called “The Slumber Shack” could be the new solution. A Gilbert couple created the business for parents to provide an “epic” party while maintaining the serenity of their household.

Amanda Armbrust came up with the idea after hosting her daughter’s ninth birthday party. Armbrust said, “We couldn’t find a place to put all the kids. We wanted somewhere they could all hang out — they could, kind of, have their own space.”

A new business idea was hatched. She and her husband bought a trailer, painted it bright blue, and redesigned the inside to be gender neutral.

The shack accommodates up to 10 people, has a TV with a hookup for a gaming system, surround sound, and a disco ball.

Other features, like an arts-and-crafts activity table and fire pit with a s’mores kit, can also be included for an additional fee.

The Armbrusts will deliver and set up the trailer and teach the occupants how to operate all of the amenities.

After several rentals, Amanda claims that adults have even begun using it. The trailer has been rented for several adult “glamping” trips at Lake Pleasant, leading the Armbrusts to begin marketing the trailer to newlyweds.

“Brides asked us, can we use this at our wedding reception to throw the kids in there?” Amanda said.

The couple is currently designing another trailer geared toward adults. Depending on the specific setup, renting the trailer can be as low as $300 a night. To find out more, visit their website.