Arizona Bill To Ban Photo Enforcement Radars Sits On Governor Hobbs Desk

Will she or won’t she sign? A new bill has made its way up to the Governor’s desk and soon drivers will know if photo enforcement radar will continue in the state of Arizona.

On Monday, the House passed SB1234, which would remove all traffic photo enforcement cameras from streets.

Photo enforcement radars has been a widely debated topic in Arizona for many years. City governments have placed cameras the side of roads or permanently mounted to traffic lights to track speeders and red-light runners. If the radar registers a driver violating the speed limit or triggered when running a red light, the system takes a photo, which ultimately sends a ticket to the car registered. The ticket issued is typically hundreds of dollars in fines and fees.

The National Safety Council reports that two-thirds of people approve the photo radars and say it helps makes roads safer. While many others criticize the radar enforcement saying the cameras are expensive and intrusive to drivers.

Gov. Hobbs will determine the final approval on whether SB1234 will become law. If approved, Arizona would be the 17th state to ban radar cameras from streets and intersections.