Are There Christmas Light Laws In Arizona?

Homeowners all over the state of Arizona will soon be planning their annual holiday decorations. Some simply put up some lights, and others still plan grand decoration schemes to transform their houses completely. As the season begins, it’s important to note the laws and regulations may affect your decorating festivities. 

Each city in Arizona has different policies regarding Christmas lights, and as such, each city’s ordinances should be reviewed. Cities either have an exemption for holiday lights based on the season, or they might not aggressively enforce such policies. However, the city may choose to see holiday displays as simply a noise violation or a traffic problem.

It’s important to also review the regulations your homeowner’s association might have. HOA rules may be stricter than city ordinances, and they are more likely to be enforced.

To stay ahead of the rules and regulations, and have a peaceful holiday decorating season, be sure to follow these three simple tips.

1. Read your CC&Rs Rules and Regulations in your HOA community.

These two documents often will contain vital information, such as what types of decorations are allowed, where you can put them, and when you can put them up and need to take them down. HOAs usually have fines for non-compliance, so make sure to review your community’s documents.

2. Submit any holiday decorating plans to your HOA for approval.

If your display is starting to look elaborate, it’s better safe than sorry to simply submit your designs to your local HOA.

3. Talk to your neighbors.

If you’re lucky, your neighbors will want to join in! However, even if they don’t, it’s better to give your immediate neighbors a time and a place to address any concerns  they might have before your decorating begins.

Holidays are meant to be festive and fun. Don’t let your decorations be dimmed, and take the time to plan in advance by reading your local ordinances and allowing neighbors to voice their concerns about your holiday display. It’s also essential, for displays that will draw large crowds, to speak to an attorney if you have any legal questions. 

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