Are Spam Calls And Unidentifiable Numbers Driving You Crazy?

A relentless barrage of spam calls is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lifetime: they’ve ruined dinner, woken our babies, and driven some of us to the near point of insanity.

But an end to the onslaught may be insight. Several companies now offer products that screen, block, or at the very least warn you about callers unknown.

A handful of carriers will charge an added fee for similar services, that is why third-party apps like Truecaller, YouMail, and Hiya are good alternatives if you’re looking to identify suspicious callers. 

Of course, there will be instances where these apps fail, however they are for the most part reliable and recommended by a large amount of people. 

The FTC’s National Not Call Registry was designed to curb spam callers, however the system is largely obsolete.

It is very cheap for companies to call millions of numbers on a daily basis, and technology that easily spoofs numbers can be found anywhere for a low cost, if at any.

It is advised to never say ‘yes’ to an unknown caller because they may record that response and use it for a plurality of nefarious purposes. Simply don’t answer the phone; let it go to voicemail.

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